Friday, June 25, 2010

The beginning...

Well VBS is over for another year and all the cowboys and cowgirls can pack up their saddles and head back home. Hopefully, they will take with them a new approach to how they live their lives.

Whenever we come away from something inspiring, we are so pumped up. We are ready to take on the world and whatever comes our way. Then reality hits.

All these children will go back to a different situation, and some of them will go back to extremely difficult lives. So as excited as we get about the great week, let's not forget that the really hard work is ahead.

We all need to remember to bathe these children and their families in prayer...and a lot of prayer! It's hard enough to come back to a church full of Christians after something inspiring, but imagine going back into a home where no one knows Christ and could care less about knowing Him. There is a phrase in the song, "Hosanna" that simply says, "break my heart for what breaks yours." You know God's heart must break to see children hurting. We have to do something about it.

We have the opportunity to reach so many hurting families in our community who need Christ, through these children God sent our way. Guys, that's a pretty big responsibility! Our job is not done, it's just beginning, and I challenge all of us to do our part in keeping up with these children and their families. This is how we make a difference. If we really *want* to make a difference, then we have to get to work.

Can you imagine what God could do if all of us *really* came together to accomplish His will? I don't think we know what He could do if only we could get ourselves out of the way. I for one am ready to see great things. I'm ready to be used by Him for great things, not ordinary things. I'm ready to see our church be *the* beacon in this community. I'm never satisfied with just ok. I want better than that because I know He can do it and I know He wants to do it through us.

I am totally convinced that through worship God can change us and our hearts toward others. As always, I encourage you to worship Him not only on Sunday and Wednesday, but every day. Read, read, read, pray, pray, pray, and then just be still and know that He is God. Just be still. Let His presence fill you up until you are overflowing. Then get to work:-)

Philippians 4:13 NLT, "For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength."

Let's do it!!


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