Tuesday, November 9, 2010


My cousin, who is a pastor in Virginia, recommended a book to me this summer. We were talking about taking Christ to people. He had suggested that we take what we are trying to do musically outside church, like to a local coffee shop, etc. Funny thing is, we started trying to find somewhere to do just that and after some failed attempts, ended up right on our doorstep at the Baptist Children's Home our church is connected to. Before going on, I have to say that was a blessing in such a big way.  Going on...

The book is called "Radical" by David Platt. I finally got it today, and oh my word it lives up to the title in the first couple paragraphs! This is not feel good self-centered Christianity here. It is all about the sacrifice that Jesus demands of His followers. If you want to be comfortable, don't read it.  Basically his message is that we have taken Jesus and molded Him into some Americanized version that we want and have missed the true Jesus. He talks about being in a group with people so eager to here the Word that they crammed into a crowded room with a few stools and only one light bulb hanging from the ceiling. God's Word is enough for them to endure those conditions, Is it enough for us?

One particular example he used that really connected with me was a newspaper cover with an article about a church's new $23 million dollar building, while next to it was a smaller story about a church raising a mere $5,000 to help refugees in Sudan. "Twenty-three million dollars for an elaborate sanctuary and five thousand dollars for hundreds of thousands of starving men, women and children, most of who were dying apart from faith in Christ." He poses the question, where have we gone wrong?

I have only read a few chapters but I'm sure I will be getting through it pretty quickly. It is one of those life-changing experiences. I will have a copy in my office for any of you and am looking into the Bible study that goes with it for us:-)

In the meantime, all you choir people should be way ahead of the rest of the congregation in the daily Psalm reading shouldn't you??? Not that it's a contest, lol, but I know those of you who have been doing that have been seriously blessed by it. Please continue as they are so applicable to our daily struggles.

We had a wonderful meal with Omegas today! They are so faithful and always serving when and wherever needed. What great examples they are for us!!

Love you all...

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