Saturday, May 21, 2011

How great are You God!

God is amazing!! How He weaves the different threads of our lives into something for His glory, just blows my mind!

It was a year ago that we met Darlene Zschech at the Cove.  That conference for worship leaders was so amazing that we came away energized and with new purpose. We knew that we had to dedicate ourselves in total abandonment to service of God. So we started looking for opportunities to serve Him wherever possible. The opportunities came, and we took them.

We also started writing songs about our Christian journey and recording them. Despite a lot of sacrifice to keep the project going, God provided everything we needed along the way. I have often referred to the project as our five loaves and two fish. We started with a laptop and ProTools. Between the two of us we wrote, arranged, recorded every instrument, every vocal then mixed. Then we did it again...over and over.  There have been times when we were both so discouraged that we wanted to quit, but somewhere a voice kept telling us that God had a purpose for our songs. So we forged ahead in total and blind faith. Then we started trying the songs out anywhere we could...and God used them.

Fast forward a year later to another conference that has been life-changing for us...Song DISCovery in the Round at Brentwood Baptist in Nashville. We came away knowing that we are not crazy after all!

Our journey is ours. We know that God has given us the tools to accomplish what He wants. We have no desire to chase success as defined by our culture. God will do what He wants with everything we have to offer Him. So we keep working and doing our very best with what He has given us, then watch as He uses it for His glory. We cannot do anything apart from Him, but we can do ALL things through Christ...

So we offer up our five loaves and two fish, and we will make sure those loaves and fish are the absolute best we can offer. That's all we can do. God will do the rest.

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